Human ; Sorcerer, CG, Common


Name – Katja
Sex – F
Race and Class – Human; Sorcerer (needs charisma 13 at min.)
Alignment – CG
Language – Common

Long curly pink hair, fake cat ears,eyepatch on left eye

-When you walk into the small village of Zumka you see the merchant who comes only twice a week, Himich the village beggar asks for some bread but is slapped, as you get closer the strong scent of piss fills your nose. You are in the village now Himich grabs at your clothes and pleas for a little money for food and water before you can reach in your pocket the Lord, passes by you, “ Bow to me you peasant!” As you bow one of the Lords guards pushes your head into the dirt, as he takes his hand off of your head he tugs at your hair making you cry out in pain.

-Loves wearing vintage clothing

-She hates bugs, clouds, and the sunshine


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